Our Services


- Room and Board
- Cable
- Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 
- Linen
- Towels
- Washcloths 
- Tissue
- Soap
- Toothpaste
- 24 hour care
- Long-term stay
- Support Groups


- Public Transportation at top of street
-  Hospital (1.9mi) away
-  Grocery stores (1.3mi) away
- Library (1.1mi) away
- Beautiful park (1.5mi) away
- Gas station (0.7mi) away
- Close to Freeway
-  Birthday Recognitions
-  Movie Nights
- Cook Outs During The Summer With Games
- Music
- Family And Friends
- Churches within walking distance

Our Staff

When you first come through these doors you will be greeted by full staff, who are dedicated to assisting you in whatever you may need. We offer assistance with activities that are designed to enhance the lives of our residents. Our staff is well trained to handle each individual accordingly to each own care and needs. I have been very blessed in my life and the main reason why blessings have been bestowed upon me is because I have nothing but love in my heart. Rather it's cutting the grass for the elderly woman down the street, or helping a struggling person at the grocery store with their bags to the car. I have even paid for someone's groceries that was in front of me at check out many times, when i'm able. Not only do those acts of love keep blessings coming in for me but it makes my day and puts a smile on my face! And that's how I choose my staff. We are a team of love and care! It simply just means more to us!!!

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